Simple Tim

J. Cole

—Drank in My Cup (Freestyle)

Never was really a huge J Cole fan, until after seeing him live.  Killed it last night

J Cole - Drank in My Cup Freestyle

Sorority Girls

People often tell me that college is not the place to go looking for love. Many of the sorority girls that I have encountered at Ohio State have only reaffirmed this advice. From my recent experience I have witnessed girls perpetrate unspeakable immoral acts to some of my closest friends. There is a stereotype that most sorority girls are licentious and morally loose. The best looking sorority girls at Ohio State have demonstrated to me that it is possible to have two completely different personalities at the same time without having Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Schizophrenia for that matter. They thrive on having power over the men in their lives and treat their love lives like a game in which they are the puppet master and my friends are the simple pawns. The ease with which they are able to lie is unparalleled to even the best poker players in Vegas. I would point to two potential causes for this evil that spread around campus like the plague; stupidity and peer pressure. Peer pressure is at its height in a sorority atmosphere with 40 girls living in one house. They all try to have the best story at brunch the next morning. It is easy to cheat on your boyfriend if you see your best friend doing the same. Finally, it is often the least intelligent girls that are least able to see their impact on the people around them. It is as if being attractive gives them the right to do anything that they want. Looks fade, and in the long run they will get what they deserve.  [As ranted by @Charnizard]

Mike T reps the D hard and spits even harder.  This is the only good song i’ve heard by him but he has mad potential.  Props to Jon Kilmer ( for the dope video.

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Chris Young The Rapper

—The Crave

This song’s about a year old but I still can’t get enough of it.  Amazing sample and Chris Young The Rapper spits.

Click to download.

Here’s the official remix by Michael Brun for Delivio Reavon & Aaron Gill’s single in the Dutch film “Body Language”.  A DJ from age 16, in Haiti and in U.S. military school, Brun’s mad musical skills have been in high demand at Davidson. He’s performed as emcee and DJ at the Davidson International Association festival and at parties on Patterson Court.  One of his remixes went to No. 2 on Internet voting aggregator site The Hype Machine.

Presented by Pharrell and Billionaire Boys Club, Cris Cab’s debut mixtape is set to release in January.  Here’s the first single and it’s fire.

Flo-Rida ft. Sia (full)

—Wild Ones

Flo-Rida teams up with Sia, who is known for her “Titanium” project, for what will probably be announced as his 2nd single.  Sia sounds a lot better than she looks… trust me.